Progress on the new trilogy has been too good for my own good.

I will admit that forcing myself to not write while I do things like move boxes from place to place, and letting the characters use my mouth to work out their dialogue is actually a working strategy (Basically, it’s exactly what stand-up comedians do when working out a bit) though it’s probably going to get a cop called on me for being in the midst of a psychotic break or something. Because yes, I am talking to myself. Usually in 3 voices, and those voices are often talking about murder, or other crimes.

No, officer, just 0-drafting dialogue for fantasy novels set in a world without fossil fuels and with magic cell phones pre-installed in most everyone’s heads.

The good thing about writing Galantier is it’s comfortable and well worn in. I know this place better than I know parts of my own city (because other people keep building stuff in the real city). Even with the changes at the end of the first series, I can still figure out how these people will react and work around what’s happened.

And yes, these are new focal characters. It’s not that the prior focal characters don’t have stuff to say, but they have other priorities right now. They’re still there, still working (or dead, because I could have killed them all, and if you haven’t finished the books, I’m not spoiling who gets to live). Just not being focal characters, and that’s good. They need some time off.

For the next month, though, Rebellion is on SALE. Have fun, enjoy!

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