Introduction, and ALL Of My Threads In One Post

Or how to write about drugs, textiles, logistics, behavioral psych & fiction. ‪Um... so who wants to tell the new followers that my primary Twitter time is not usually about drugs? ‬

Hi, I’m a research shrink (PTSD, but mostly stats) & I write fiction, because I’m a story addict. Fiction pays in money, not academic journal copies! (Not a lot of money, but a little). I thread when my research & the news happens to coincide.

(Updated 20 JAN 2019 with 3 new threads) I have a deep & long love of textiles and the Industrial Revolution (and eventually, another doctorate on the women’s labor movement in textiles in East Anglia, 1775-1835), and I sew at a semi-pro level, so I talk about menswear a lot.

Also: I’m a Wobbly (International Workers of the World), a non-theist Quaker, and an unapologetic Social Justice Cleric, but I’m also a scientist, so I will have the math and if I can’t find what you cite, I will ask for your source.

My threads display brevity for me, at the sentence structure level. I’m primarily a writer; I’m happiest in the blog & novel format. Twitter makes me tighten my sentences, but I don’t talk about easy, tiny things. If my subjects fit in 280? We wouldn’t need to talk about them.

Fashion Culture Threads Donnie & Vladdie:

Obama Menswear: Sarah Sanders as failure of fashion language acquisition: Sarah Sanders & Modesty Culture: Russian fashion & nationalism: Paul Manafort & the Jackets of Doom: Bernie Sanders: Runway horrors: Summer suits for men: Trousers & pantsuits: Pants planet, in the beginning Trousers & suits II: Rubber, Plumbing, Roadsters: 20th Century White House Holiday Fashion photoshop fail

The Metabattles on consciousness:

Your Brain is out to get you

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Hospice & Medical Orders of Treatment: Die Well

I’m a liberal pain in the ass, but I grew up with Bundy-types, so I can talk to those assholes if forced threads Money Laundering with Jason Mendoza, Breaking Bad and Real Estate

The border wall Universal Healthcare as a conservative idea/insurance Climate Taxation The Philly Fentanyl Bust (parts 1 & 2) #ExposeChristianSchools: Mormon Small Town Edition Real Estate Scams: Mitt Romney vs Veronica Mars S2 Why Iowa is statistically bad at picking presidents

The Quaker Resistance threads Punch Up

The State Lege trips (HIV activism & practical resistance) How to be a legal pain in the ass (Resisting bad governments) Practical tips for neighborhoods with a fashie infestation

Liberals should move to red states


Ebook readers

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